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【Introduction】University Tour

Release Time:2019-01-23

University Tour aims at promoting academic research and studiesin documentary, broadening the horizons of Chinese university students as wellas nurturing future audience/ filmmakers for documentary industry. It presents and promotes outstandingproductions in colleges/universities. 

The curated programs cover a diverserange of documentaries and are selected from GZDOC Golden Kapok Award Competition,Golden Kapok Screening and NEXT WAVE Awards Competition (previous known asUniversity Student Competition).

The screenings are held from March to April with free entries.Partnering with over 100 colleges/ universities, University Tour has hosted thousandsof screenings since 2014.



Date: March to May

Scale: approx. 8screenings/ campus

Venue: over 100colleges/ universities in mainland China

Area: over 40cities in Mainland China



       The documentaries of 2018 University Tour

Jin Han Yu

China | 61min | Chinese | Guo Kuan

GZDOC 2017 Golden Kapok Award Competition



The film follows a middle-aged woman, Han Mei (not her real name), who struggled with cancer for three years from 2015 to 2017. In this process, she learned how to cherish her life, and longed for life. She practices an optimistic attitude towards physical health and spiritual health.

Disturbance of Demolition

China | 105min | Chinese | Zhou Feng

GZDOC 2017 Golden Kapok Award Competition




One of the last state-owned hair salons in China's Shanxi province had just celebrated its 60th birthday before words came in that the street was about to be reconstructed and renovated, putting the old-fashioned salon on the verge of closing down. The film documented two barbers' struggle in protecting their salon, their jobs, and their traditional way of living and working, reflecting their helplessness and confusion in the wave of the city's civilization and modernization.


My Stuff

Finland | 83min | English | Petri Luukkainen



Petri Luukkainen conducts an experiment with his own life. He packs all his things and puts them in storage. At first naked in an empty apartment, he only allows himself to retrieve one item per day.

Life As He Likes

China | 20min | Chinese | Yang Lizhu

The 4th Next Wave Awards International Student Documentary Competition




Yang Qiaoyuan is a old Chinese man who lives in degradation and poor conditions by his own choice, disliked by his family. His wife divorced by him when they were eighty, his sons and daughters harshly andcontinuously criticize his lifestyle. Every day he puts his hunched body under high pressure, working the fields and taking water from thestreams; he also enjoys meditation and calligraphy. He is unwilling to talk to people, that's why he spendslots of time reading, isolated from the rest of the world. Although what people can only see in him is an unkempt appearance, his daughter will follow him to provethat under the shabbiness there is a strong pursuit of happiness. The final letter that Yang Qiaoyuan dedicates to his granddaughter, an elegy of refined level written in askillful calligraphy, is a pleasure for the eye and for the ear.


Lotus Root

China | 52min | Chinese | Li Jigao

The 4th Next Wave Awards International Student Documentary Competition 




People who dig lotus roots are busy shuttling back and forth in several main northern and southern provinces all the year around where lotuses are planted, such as Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Henan, Shandong and Hebei. This documentary takes a group of digging lotus root people in Jining City, Shandong Province as the target of shooting and takes the big brother Fan Xiangcai as the main narrative character. Make a long tracking shot of them and elaborate their living status in the present society through meticulous petty things from macro to micro and from point to surface in the following three aspects:1. the inheritance and development of traditional farming techniques 2. the integrity and image of Chinese peasants 3. the expression and inheritance of parents’ spirits.