【Review】The 5th Next Wave Awards International Student Documentary Competition Masterclass

Release Time:2019-01-23

           The theme of 2018 Masterclass:

Poetic Moments from Everyday Life

In the practice of documentary topic selection, it is not difficult to observe two phenomena. On the one hand, when a representative work is produced on a certain topic, many works of the same type appear in the market, constantly dispelling the audience's enthusiasm. On the other hand, many people go against the trend. However, once the freshness overwhelms the value, the documentary will become odd.

Sometimes,too much belief in fashion or too much belief in self is easy to cause a soulless pursuit. Why not slow down your pace, and put your eyes on those poetic moments from everyday life? You will find that it is not only a severe test of documentary topic selection, but also a priceless subject for documentary workers.

Arrangement table:

          Masterclass Mentors:


Du Haibin 

Documentary Director 

 Along the Railway

Jiao Bo

Beyond the mountains, Golden Kapok Award 2018 Finalists
Village Diary, Best Documentary Feature of Golden Kapok Award 2013

Jin Xingzheng

Documentary Director

Mama, nominated as the Best Documentary of the 54th Golden Horse Awards

Xu Jifeng


Seal in Time, National First-class Director

Ye Jun


Masters In Forbidden City

John Appel


She believes in me, The Best Feature Length Documentary 


Zhu Xianliang
Jury member of Golden Kapok Award
Senior Consultant of Documentary Department,Bilibili