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Prompt language:Please provide a unique and frequently-used email, which will receive all future correspondence.
Please provide one photo (35x50mm,file size limit is 500KB,format is JPG). The photo you provide may be printed on your admission badge.

2016 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China 

Registration Guidance


2016 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China (GZDOC 2016) will be held in Guangzhou Library from December 12th to December 15th. The online registration system now is available. Please read thefollowing Registration Instruction carefully before signing up.


1.  Type of Festival Pass

1.1 Buyer

You can obtain a BUYER PASS, if you are seeking joint production or copyright transaction (including documentary films and projects procurement, financial support, etc.) in GZDOC, and one of the following: 

- Head of documentary film foundations and film commissions, etc.

- Head of distribution firms, film and television production companies, film festivals, management agencies, etc.

- Head of public or private TV channels, cable, satellite and newmedia, including President or Director of the TV station, Headof Acquisition Department, decision-makers of Documentary /co-production departments.

- 1.1.1 Privileges

-  Having theright to participate in many activities of GZDOC 2016. (see Privileges Summary)

- Your profile being included in the GZDOC 2016Catalogue if you register before Nov.11.

-   Having access to make an appointment with decision makers in One-to-One Meetingif you register and pay the fees before Nov.25.

      - 1.1.2 Registration Process

- Fill out the "GZDOC 2016 Registration Form" online, and click "Submit" (choose "Buyer" considering your identity).

- You will receive theconfirmation e-mail from our system.  

1.2 Festival Delegate

- You can apply for a Festival Delegate Pass if you want to participate inthe screening, forum, workshop, One-to-One Meetinghosted by GZDOC and visit the pitching section and the InternationalProducer Day.

- 1.2.1 Privileges

-  Having theright to participate in many activities of GZDOC 2016. (see PrivilegesSummary)

- Your contactinformation being included in the GZDOC 2016 Catalogue ifyou register before Nov.11.

-   Having access to make an appointment with decision makers in One-to-One Meetingif you register and pay the fees before Nov.25.



- 1.2.2 Registration Process

Fill in the GZDOC 2016 Registration Form in our official website and submit it online.(choose " Festival Delegate " considering your identity).

- You will receive theconfirmation e-mail from our system. 


1.3 Exhibitor

You can obtain an Exhibitor PASS if you have successfully applied for a booth in GZDOC 2015 and from one of the following organizations:

- television and other documentary production, distribution and broadcasting institutions

- related documentary film associations

- professional video equipment manufacturers

- other related institutions

- 1.3.1 Privileges

-  Having theright to participate in many activities of GZDOC 2016. (see PrivilegesSummary) You are having the priority to be invited to the banquet, awards ceremonyand the luncheon party.(one invitation for each booth)

- The profile ofyour company being included in the GZDOC 2016 Catalogue ifyou register before Nov.11.

- Your contactinformation being included in the GZDOC 2016 Catalogue ifyou register before Nov.11.

-Each standard booth has two free accreditations. Each special-decoratedbooth has four free accreditations.Other participants enjoy a 15%-off discount.

- 1.3.2 Registration Process

- Fill in the "GZDOC 2015 Registration Form" and submit it online. (choose " Exhibitor" considering your identity)

- Please send an email to (Ms. Wang Siyun) to confirm your submission, and name in the form "Exhibitors Registration Confirmation-Name-Name of Organization". 

- You will receivethe confirmation e-mail from our system. 


1.4 Press Pass

- 1.4.1 Privileges

-  Having the right to report onmany activities of GZDOC 2016. (see Privileges Summary)

- 1.4.2 Registration Process

- Fill in the "GZDOC 2016 Registration Form" and submit it online. (choose " Press" considering your identity)

- Please send an email to  (Ms.Tao Mingxia) to confirm your submission, and name in the form "PressRegistration Confirmation-Name-Name of Organization". 

 - You will receive the confirmation e-mailfrom our system. 

- We will reply to your email within a week and confirm your registration.


2 Privileges Summary







Festival Delegate Domestic/ International

Opening Ceremony


Domestic/International Forum

International Master Training

Promotion Meeting


One-to-One Meeting






Award Ceremony

Welcome Reception

Invitation Needed

((Invitation Needed

Invitation Needed

Invitation Needed


Invitation Needed

Invitation Needed

Invitation Needed

Invitation Needed

Festival Catalogue, Guest Catalogue

Materials for Media






Warm tip: Activities like WelcomeReception and Luncheon are semi-open activities of related organizations, whichrequire an invitation. Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


3.  Important Timeline

DATE Before


Nov. 11

Apply for Buyer Pass

Nov. 11

Registration with 15% off

Nov. 11

Registered delegate contact to be included on festival catalogue


Online booking system open for One-to-one meeting with decision makers


IPD Application


Registration closed


4. Important Vouchers

4.1 Registration Code

Registration code is theimportant voucher to enjoy the discount when registering the system. The systemwill automatically update the price after your input. If you don’t have aregistration code, please choose the corresponding price according to your timeof registration. (Attention: You can register with 15% off if you register andpay the fee before Nov.11. For your convenience, the website will show theprice according to the time. You don’t need to input the registration codeagain. )

4.2 Appointment Code

Appointment code is the important voucher to log in the Online bookingsystem of One-to-one meeting.( You will have access to make an appointment with Buyers in One-to-One Meetingif you register and pay the fees before Nov.25.After paying, please contact usto get the code or wait for us to send E-mail to you.)

4.3 QR Code

QR code is the important voucher to check in on site.After your successful registration, we will send the QR code to your mailbox.


5.  Payment

5.1 Registration Fee

- The registration fee is RMB 2,500 in total. Registers enjoy 15% discount (RMB 2,125) before Nov. 11. 

-   The registration feeonly includes the fee to participate in GZDOC2016, but excludes fees of food,transport and hotel.    

Important reminder: For those whohave paid the fees but unable to attend eventually, we will only return 90% ofthe fees paid. Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


5.2 Payment Process

- Online Payment

Online payment supports ChinaUnionpay. Please follow the notes.

- On-site Payment

Please refer to Enclosure 3- On-site Payment Process

 -Bank Payment

If you choose to transfer inbanks, please add notes: fee-name of organization-name of participants. Pleasekeep your payment voucher for reconciliation.

5.3 Invoice

- Types: We only offer VAT special invoice and VAT invoice.

- Billing Item: Festival and Exhibition Service Charge

- Receiving Way: You can receive it at the registry during the Festival, or by post.

Please fill out Enclosure 1: Template of Invoice, sothat you can get the invoice quickly. And send the form as well as relevantmaterials to and name in the form "Information ofInvoice – Organization-Name". 


6.  Hotel Reservation Guide

- Hotel Information: GZDOC committee will offer hotel booking service for participants. Participants should take care of the expenses.

- Please visit our official website!guide?ruleno=1

) for more information. 


* General Office of GZDOC reserves the rightof interpretation 



General Office of GZDOC 2016

30 September, 2016



I have read and agreed the regulations mentioned above.
Basic Information
*Given name
*Type of company/ institution

Zip code
*Mobile Phone
*Email address
Company/institution profile(No more than 650 chars)
Personal biography(No more than 650 chars)
Your aim and target at GZDOC(No more than 350 chars)
Identification of registrator
Decision Maker Pass


You can obtain a DECISION MAKER PASS,if you are seeking joint production or copyright transaction (including documentaryfilms and projects procurement, financial support, etc.) in GZDOC, and one of thefollowing:

- Head of documentary film foundationsand film commissions, etc.

- Head of distribution firms, film andtelevision production companies, film festivals, management agencies, etc.

- Head of public or private TV channels,cable, satellite and streaming services, including  channel managers, Head of Programming, CommissioningEditors, Program Managers, Heads of factual/co-production departments, Content Buyers,Acquisition Executives.


- Having priority to be invited to theopening ceremony, the premiere, the sponsorship banquet, the awards ceremony, etc.

- Having access to the DOC Shop.

- Your profile being included in the decision-makersection of GZDOC 2015 Catalogue (1000+ run).

- Being guests at DocuMart “InternationalProducer’s Day” and “Pitching" section, and having meetings at “One-on-OneMeeting” with registered participants according to your schedule.

Festival Delegate Pass

Festival Delegate

- You can apply for a Festival DelegatePass If you want to attend GZDOC and visit the screening, forum, workshop, and pitchingsection.

- You are having access to make an appointmentwith decision makers in One-to-One Meeting.

- Note: the premiere, banquets and theopening ceremony are for those with invitation only.

- You can download the Registration Guidefor Festival Delegate for more information.



a. You can obtain an Exhibitor PASS ifyou have successfully applied for a booth in GZDOC 2015 and from one of the followingorganizations:

- television and other documentary production,distribution and broadcasting institutions

- related documentary film associations

- professional video equipment manufacturers

- other related institutions

b. You are having the priority to be invitedto the premiere, the banquet and awards ceremony etc. (one invitation for each booth)

c. Each booth has two free accreditations.Other participants enjoy a 15%-off discount.

Others (Media, VIP, etc)
Photos upload
*Photos upload
(35x50mm,file size limit is 500KB,format is JPG)

The photo you provide may be printed on your admission badge.

Data check

Do you wish to show your registered info on GZDOC Online Visitor List?

Payment information
*Total amount of registration fees
*Terms of payment