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To submit your project to GZDOC Pitching Session, please fill in the online entry form as requested.

*If you fail to submit your project info via our online system, please downloaGZDOC 2020 Project Entry Form. Please send the form along with your video clip and stills to:

2020 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival

Regulations on GZDOC Pitching Session &  

‘China Stories’ International Pitching Session


I. Introduction of GZDOC Pitching Sessions

 GZDOC recruits work-in-progress projects for and from global market. Below are the three segments of GZDOC Pitching session:

‘China stories’ International Pitching Session: This session continues to cultivate documentary projects that best reflect China and its people, with an international storytelling and of premium production standard. This session is open to projects at all productionstages.

International Pitching Session: To encouragethe Sino-foreign co-production, GZDOC International Pitching Session is looking for projects focusing on global issues, trepassing different cultures, races and social status. This session is open to projects at all production stages.

2020 Special Focus Pitch -World Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest public health crisis in human history. Facing illness and death, we see fear, panic and selfishness, but we also see love and bravery. All these have inspired us rethink humanity .This session is open to projects at post-production stage. Selected projects will have opportunities to be distributed in China.


The 2020 edition will invite Chinese and international buyers, broadcasters and key players from the industry as the decision makers, in the aims of developing the pre-sale, co-production and commission of documentary projects.


II. Date of Event

The documentary festival is held in Guangzhou every December.

2020 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (GZDOC) will be held from December 14th to December 17th, 2020.


III. Qualification Requirements

1. The pitching projects shall be at the stage of either pre-production, shooting or post-production before 2021. The completed films do not qualify for this session.


       1) ‘China Stories’ International Pitching Session

The pitches shall have distinctive Chinese elements (Either it is shot in China or it is about China,including culture, history, social issues, technology, nature etc.).

       2) International Pitching Session

International pitches,including Sino-foreign co-productions,  focuses on wider topics.

       3) 2020 Special Focus Pitch -World Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The pitches shall havespecial focuses on the COVID-19 outbreak and/or its influences. *This sessionis open to projects in post-production stage only.


IV. Submission Guidance

(i) Submission Deadline

GZDOC International Pitching Session will be open for submission from March 25, 2020 (GMT+8) to September 20, 2020(GMT+8). The pitch shall be submitted online and all relevant registration materials shall be sent to the General Office of the Organizing Committee (OC) before the deadline. The application materials received after the due day orthe application with incomplete materials will not be accepted as qualified entries.


(ii) Application process and required materials

1.Please log onto theofficial website, click "Registration - Project Submit" to complete and submit the online Entry Form.

2. After submitting the online entry form, applicants need to email the following materials to (please indicate the pitch title and the applicant’s name, contact information in the email)

(1) Video Clip: no more than 3 minutes, MOV format, H264, 1080P and above. Please upload the video clipto the internet (such as Baidu Cloud Disk) and submit the download link and password.

(2) 2 stills in JPG format, pixel no less than 300 DPI.

(3) Additional information about the pitch (if any): The applicant could also submit production proposal, shooting outline, original ideas for the pitch, the visual style, the artistic features, the detailed budget, and the link of the main production crews’ bios and their completed works to OC by mail for further reference.


[Note: All registration information and materials (except foradditional information) must be bilingual. ]


(iii) Registration fee

Free Entry


(iv) The use of information and application materials

1. Please fill in entry form correctly and completely. The information in the form will be used and published in the process of pre-selection, evaluation and final announcement. If there is any information wrong or missing, the responsibility will be borne by the applicant.

2. The signup account used in the official website( will be used as the contact of applicant by default. The follow-up notification related to preselection and evaluation will be delivered to this contact first. Please keep the call and the mailbox accessible.


(v) Update/Supplement of registration information and application materials

1. If applicant wants to update information or material after submission, please send an email to and explain the update indetail. After reviewed and approved by the OC, the update will be completed.

2. If there are follow-up materials (such as posters, stills,promotional materials, awards, etc.), please send the materials to, with adetailed explanation.

3. If the preview video clip is the version in post production, shortlisted applicantcan resubmit the final version by the deadline announced. Applicant cannot update the version during the evaluation process.


(vi) Copyright Statement

Applicant (and applyingcompany) shall own the copyrights or distribution rights of the film submitted by him/her; shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of the film;guarantee it has acquired the copyrights/authorizations from the copyright ownersfor the music, video, image and text contained and used in the films; ensurethe original contents in the film do not violate the copyrights or legal rightsof any other third parties. Any disputes, damages or compensations arising outof or in relation to the copyright infringement of the film shall be borne byits applicant (and applying company).


V. Evaluation process

The entries will be screened for the initial evaluation, semi-final evaluation and final evaluation. They will be reviewed and selected by the Selection Committee and Decision Makers. The OC is responsible for inviting professionals for the initial Selection committee, the Semi-final Selection committee, and DecisionMakers.


1.     The initial Selection committee isresponsible for presenting the semi-finalist from all the submissions. The applicant who is selected for semi-finalist will be notified by email in early November, and the list will be released on the official website. *The date ofannouncement is subject to change.

2.     The Semi-final Decision Makers are responsible for presenting the finalist from the semi-finalists. The finalist will be notified by e-mail in mid-November and released on the official website. *The date of announcement is subject to change.

3.     The winners will be selected from finalists by Decision Makers and will be announced during GZDOC 2020.


VI.Notice to Finalists

1. The applicants shall confirm their participation into the final evaluation with the OC within five working days after receiving the notification (email) from theOC. Once the applicants confirm the participation, they cannot withdraw for any reasons.

2. The finalists shall, at therequest of the OC, submit all necessary information and materials for their pitching projects before the deadline specified in the OC’s notice to finalists.

3. Once a pitch is selected, the application information and material submitted online and offline might be presented on the documentary festival brochure, official website, or for online and offline media promotion events. The OC is entitled to edit and publicly use the materials, including entry information, posters,stills, trailers or clips of no more than 3 minutes, on GZDOC’s official channels. Meanwhile, the OC has the right to provide application informationand material submitted to the Selection Committee and Decision Makers for theuse of evaluation.

4. Each finalist team must ensure that 1-2 creative personnel shall attend the GZDOC International Pitching Session for presentation. Otherwise, it will be deemed as quitting the competition. The finalist qualification will then be given to the candidate next in line.

5. The applicants shall cooperate with the OC for the follow-up in the long run and for later publicity.

6. After the finalist is selected,the OC will provide the GZDOC logos for Finalist or Winner. The selected pitchand the program produced accordingly must include the GZDOC logos in all its subsequent promotional materials, and it’s strictly forbidden to modify the logo.

7. For the finalists,"GZDOC" or the logo of GZDOC must be included in the opening or closing credits of the completed program.

8. Finalists for the 2020 Special Focus Pitch will sign a seperate agreement with OC about re-editting,distribution, broadcast and promotion of the programs in China.


VII. Statement

1. Any changes against the regulations will be posted on the "GZDOC-Guidance-Notice " page ofthe official website ( The applicant can withdraw from the event if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable by notifying the Organizing Committee within 10 working days after the announcement is posted. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the applicant accepts all the modified clauses.

2. If there were any situations thatare not specified above, the OC reserves all rights for the final explanation of the regulations.

3. The applicant signing up for the screening session of 2020 GZDOC International Pitching Session should accept all the above terms and conditions. If there is any dispute, itshall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of PRC.


General Office of the Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival

March 25,2020


Manager of Copyright & ProjectDepartment

Ms. Zhu Jiayi

020-38780150 call 807 

I have read and agreed the regulations mentioned above.
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