Highlight of GZDOC 2019

The Golden Kapok Award Competition

GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Competition received 3441 film entries. The submissions were from 130 countries and regions.

Festival Participants

8 delegations, including British Delegation, DutchDelegation, Finnish Delegation, French Delegation, German Delegation, Italian Delegation, Korean Delegation and Swiss Delegation, participated in the GZDOC screenings and market events. Over 50 professionals from home and abroad were invited to the festival as special guests.

Participating organizations include big names such as BBC, CCTV, KBS, National Geographic, NHK etc. Chinese new media companies such as Bilibili.com, Youku and Tencent Video joined partnership with GZDOC this year and presented their latest productions & strategies at the festival.

During the festival, overall 5399 participants were registered. More than 800 institutions attended GZDOC, leading 888-million-CNY-worth intended investments on documentary market.


Over 90 forums and conferences were successfully held during the festival. Among the events, Youku: A Vision for the World, GlobalGenre & New Format of Co-production, and The Way Out: Distribution Strategyfor Documentary Film received highest attendance as well as positive comments.

Working with international partners such as ANICA, MIA,ITA, RAPA and EARS, GZDOC presented a series of professional events with special focus on co-production.

‘China Stories’ International Pitching Session

216 project-entries from 24 countries and regions were submitted to GZDOC 2019. The brand new session Please Reply, Decision Makers! introduced the latest trend in the documentary market.

The two-part ‘China Stories' International Pitching Sessions drew attention to social and current affairs; with support from China Media Group’s Documentary Channel (CCTV-9), the festival aims at aiming at promoting China stories to the global audiences.

Golden Kapok Screening-Premiere in Guangzhou

The GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Screening was run during 7th Decemberto 15th December at several official venues, including CGVcinema at K11, UA cinema, Shuter Life Café, Documentary Center at the Guangzhou Library, etc. With 100 screening schedules, 50 films were presented to thelocal audiences, including 20 premieres.