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National Higher Education Entrance Examination 高考
Director:Shi Yan, Jia Ding
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:50min*6sets

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       Gaokao, College Entrance Examination of China, is the exam that can influence the fates of hundreds of millions of people in China. Dreams find their paths in struggle and passion; We find our way of life among the choices and confusions. What emerges in the tears and shines in the laughters is our contemplations on our education and the reality. Through the deliberately chosen social facets, the film Gaokao takes a close look on the 2014 Gaokao and touches upon the social hot spot with the stories of different individuals. 

      Striving to leave the mountains,the children of migrant workers on the Loess Plateau are searching for their dreams as well as the acceptance from cities with diligence and hard work.Under the fever of studying abroad,those young people who turn to the overseas colleges entrance examinations have their own yearnings for the future.The struggle and the resistance, the expectations and the tears in Mao Tan Chang Middle School, also known as the "largest College Entrance Exam factory", reflect one aspect of the society in a vivid and truthful way.


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