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The Glory of Innovation 创新之路
Director: Li Chengcai, Zhou Ye, Zhang Fan, Liang Xue
Producer:CCTV-12 Financial Channel
Country / Region:China | Canada
Particular year:2016
Length of time:45min*10sets

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     This documentary series will observe and elaborate on innovation patterns in the modern world. We are to track the major industrial transformations in human history in an attempt to illustrate the causes, core technologies and important figures during these transformations. It will also present the history of wealth creation, summarizing how sci-tech progress and industrial transformations have changed wealth distribution and became the engines of world economic development. We unearth the soil and underlying mechanism that has given innovation its life, and the benchmark of the innovation road to provide new ideas and creative thoughts for China’s industrial transformation and economic invigoration. This program will also be out to explore the future and development of soft power in the great rise and rejuvenation of China and the Chinese culture.