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Echoes of the Han 我从汉朝来
Director: Huan Xu, Hua Zhang, Yuedong Zhang, Yuejia Zhang, Yi Pan, Lanting Zhu, Guo Li, Yu Cui
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015年
Length of time:50分钟*6集

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In 202 B.C., the Han Dynasty was established. It lasted for over four centuries. Ever since, the Chinese have been known as the Han Chinese, and a man is known as a “Hanzi”, meaning a “descendant of the Han Dynasty”. The later generations are always curious about the lives people lived at that time and eager to know the spiritual outlook they had on the world. The glorious past mirrors a would-be best way of life in the present. From the relics scattered up and down the country, this documentary explores the Han cultural traditions and survival wisdom passed for generations, to demonstrate how the moral principles and heroic spirit of the Han Dynasty still live on.


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