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The Sounds of Solitude
Director:Cristina Ortega
Producer:Distinto Duero
Country / Region:Spain
Particular year:2015
Length of time:86min

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Time fades in the spaces of emptiness. Five women live alone in Castilla. Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether guide the relationship between the body and the space of our main characters. A journey through silence that routes to death.

"The sounds of solitude" is an intimate portrait that reflects the life of five rural Spanish women, born in the decade of the 30's, who by circumstances or their own decisions live alone. They are the last generation of an almost extinct past where the majority of families had more than five children, working in the countryside was atrocious and little girls became mothers who had to take care of their brothers. These five women have lived the evolution and integration of the female figure in society in one way or another.

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