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Shadow Girl
Director: Maria Teresa Larrain
Producer:Storyline Entertainment, Maremoto Productions
Country / Region:Argentina | Canada
Particular year:2016
Length of time:80min

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While editing her last film in Toronto, filmmaker Maria Teresa Larraín Suddenly loses her sight. Battling despair and misplaced shame, she closes the doors to her past and decides to face her loss alone. However, when her mother dies in Chile she returns to the country she left thirty years ago. There, walking the streets of Santiago she meets Andrés Albornoz aka Bird Man, and finds herself drawn into a new world: that of the blind street vendors of the Alameda, the main avenue of the city. Inspired by their resilience, challenged by their wisdom, and comforted by their humor, she finally confronts her fears and steps into her new life.

E-mail: ed@storylineentertainment.com