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Director:Aisha Roberson
Producer:Basalt Film
Country / Region:Netherlands
Particular year:2015
Length of time:26min

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Filmmaker Aisha Roberson follows her brother Jennis on his first uninhibited steps on the path of love. Methodically he searches for the perfect woman, with red lips. Jennis was born with Williams-Beuren syndrome, which manifests itself in him having perfect pitch, being mentally challenged and above-average social skills. In addition Jennis has an overpowering fascination for everything that spins. Will Jennis find a girl that suits him?

Jennis affects the people around him with his lack of judgment and complete reconciliation with the world. Fearless and disarming Jennis searches for a girlfriend. Jennis is not afraid of clichés. He loves red painted lips and on YouTube he studies tutorials about the perfect use of lipstick. He has become an expert in the field. Jennis connects easily with cute girls from the neighborhood, and due to his irresistible charm, he regularly gets dates with attractive girls. Furthermore, Jennis executes his romantic ideas unapologetically, which flatters the girls.

But not everything is going smoothly. Where a Hollywood movie ends with a romantic kiss, Jennis does not know how to deal with the consequential reality. He does not understand that he is different and as a result, the girls' responses seem disappointing to him. Also, sometimes Jennis calls them too often or he wants too much contact in other ways. How will Jennis find his way through adolescence to adulthood? Will Jennis' quest end in frustration, or will he find a modus which suits him?

E-mail: aishael@gmail.com