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Mr. Xie 老谢
Director:Song Manchao
Producer:Shaanxi panorama television media Co., Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2016
Length of time:55min

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  • Film creation
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          Xie Wanqing, a farmer who had been loved on-the-spot photography for more than 40years,is dreaming of an photographic exhibition in Town. His wife resolutely opposed his hobby,not to mention about the exhibition. Because they were in need of immediate money in the son's marriage and the wife 's prolonged leg illnesses. Xie's only camera which was depend on each other for survival was broken down because of the old age. Just at the hesitate moment,Xie 's son hurried him up to undergo the operation. Xie refused, the furious wife broken the camera down... The scene of the traditional marriage on this loess land flashed across Xie's mind without the camera. With such disappointment, Xie thrown his useless camera on the floor heavily on the 19th day after the operation... He bought a new camera with a mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances while fixing it. The couple payed a formal ceremony to the new camera. He rushed across Long land like an unbridled horse with the new camera,totally forgot about the wound after the operation. The second day after the Grain Rain, Xie began developing his films with soda and alkali...

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