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China’s Schindlers 罪行与忏悔: 日本与德国
Director:Steven R. Talley
Producer:ZDFE, China Intercontinental Communication Center, NHNZ
Country / Region:China|Germany
Particular year:2014
Length of time:52min

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The West often overlooks China in the story of WWII. Many of the battles have been forgotten, but the atrocities that took place haunt generations of survivors.

But amidst the horror, there were heroes.

China’s Schindlers is the story of two men who stood up for human decency as evil engulfed the world.

Chinese diplomat Dr. Feng Shan Ho was Consul-General in Vienna, Austria in the late 1930s. Disturbed by the persecution of Viennese jews after Nazi Germany annexed Austria, Feng Shan Ho gave visas to Jews desperate to escape Hitler, allowing them to Emigrate to Shanghai when no other nation would accept them.

German businessman John Rabe lived in China for 30 years. In 1937, after Japanese troops invaded his adopted city of NanKing, Rabe could not bear to witness the horrors and atrocities around him. Under the protection of the Nazi flag, he led the establishment of a Safety Zone protecting 200,000 innocent Chinese.