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Behind the Frontline 大后方
Director:Xu Bei
Producer:Chongqing Broadcasting Group, Documentary Media Limited Company, CCTV-10 Science & Educational Channel, China Educational Television
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:50minx 12sets

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The documentary focuses on the vast areas behind the frontlines instead of battlefields, highlighting contribution and sacrifice of common people in China. It contains the latest achievements on studies of the rear area in the anti-Japanese war from the academia home and abroad and collects a large quantity of valuable first-hand footage worldwide. It is a documentary that is from the international perspective and integrates two sides of Taiwan Strait. The 12-episode documentary lasts for ten hours but 830 historical footages with total length of 276 hours were prepared and referred to, 29 of which are obtained exclusively or for the first time in the history. It presents comprehensively the arduous, tragic and heroic history of the War of Resistance against Japan in all dimension and wide ranges with a sober and objective attitude. It is the first documentary in China that tells the stories of areas behind the frontlines during the War of Resistance against Japan.