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The Funeral Singer
Director:Thanh Hoang
Country / Region:Vietnam
Particular year:2015
Length of time:14 Minutes

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Mr Bay for the past 25 years, is hired to mourn thesaddest melodies for the dead person in funerals. His sorrowful singing isattempted to express family’s gratefulness to the passing loved one, and awakethe soul of the living children. As a father of 7 daughters, the dedicated musicianhas no hope to have a son to hand down the family’s career, and to sing for hisdeath. The film is set in an ancient village of Northern Vietnam where thefamily traditional principles survive with the change of time.

Thanh Hoang is emerging documentary film maker from Vietnam.She has worked for 8 years as broadcast journalist, documentary producer,advertising creative manger and independent film director.

She is interested in telling stories of people whose livesstruggles because of their race, gender, class or religion. She believes astory that possesses conflict and is deeply understood through sympatheticobservation would bring into question the judgmental society crafted bymainstream media. She has just finished an MFA in documentary in CityUniversity of New York

Thanh’s works include a musical documentary series of 6episodes (30 min each) and 50 TV Ads on HIV/AIDS Prevention Amongst Youth, aproject of BBC World Service Trust in Vietnam, two short documentaries TheUltimate New York Hustle and The Funeral Singer. The latter film won NationalBoard of Review Student Grant for Best Film, Best Documentary and Excellence inEditing