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Poema del día
Director:Youdid Kahveci
Producer:German Film and Television Academy (dffb)
Country / Region:Germany
Particular year:2015
Length of time:29 Minutes

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A boy reads poems on the streets of Medellín,Colombia, hoping to raise money for his family. When he teams up with amischievous old woman, they transform their gritty city into a place of wonderand discovery. A lyrical and heartbreaking tribute to the power of theimagination.

Began growing up in the 80s in East Berlin above a pub. Quitschool. Became a gardener in a hospital. Preferred the underground. Techno.Diver's license in Mozambique. Now German Film and Television Academy Berlin.She is a passionated swimmer and for 15 years now she picks up a livelihood asa bartender in various bars and clubs in Berlin. Still searching for theingredients for the perfect cocktail.

2011 Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize in Dresden 2011 for“Radiostar”

2012 InternationalCompetition in Locarno with "Rough Grounds"