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Ladder to Paradise
Director:Xiao Han
Producer:Hangzhou Latent Image Cultural Co.,Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:86 Minutes

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Walking in the valley of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, weoften can see small ladders which are painted by the Tibetan compatriots on therock by the road; the locals call it "The ladder". There are somepeople whose professions is "ladder climbing" in Tibetan areas. TheTibet autonomous region, Tingri County and Nyalam County are located at thefoot of Mount Everest; in order to train high-quality mountaineers, the TibetMountaineering School comes here every year to select young children to adaptto pastoral area with high altitude conditions. Ladder to paradise fullyrecords the whole process of the students from when they enter the school untilthey climb Mount Everest in the Tibet Mountaineering School. On the basis ofshowing young growth and extreme sports, it also tries to record theirgeographical impact from the pastoral areas to Lhasa, the culture shock fromtraditional to modern, the spiritual impact from faith to business, thusexploring the confusion and temptation that contemporary Tibetan youth have toface.

Xiao Han,a vice professor of Zhejiang University of Technologyin the Faculty of Humanities,a documentary director.Represent work:<Li Jiangface-book>,<Ladder to paradise>