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I am Li Na
Director:Meng Qingzhi
Producer:CCTV-5 Sports Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time: 50 Minutes

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This is a storyabout an ordinary Chinese girl born in the 1980s to grow into an internationalsuperstar.

This film consists of several parts, including prologue, dreams at 16years old, striding to the world stage, treatment in Munich, come true atAustralian Open, and retirement. From January 2011, this film recorded theepisodes in several dramatic and legendary years in Li Na’s career. Throughfollowing-shots and exclusive interviews on several important occasions, thisfilm contains many rare scenes, truly documenting the precious moments in LiNa’s professional career and her feelings at that time. We went to Munich andvisited this city called "Safe Harbor" by Li Na, where she hadsurgery and received rehabilitation training. We also exclusively interviewedMaria Sharapova—Li Na’s rivalry, Li Na’s agent, surgeon, coach, husband, goodgirl friends and good friends in sports and entertainment circles, as well asWTA President. From different angles, they talks about Li Na in their eyes,presenting different aspects of this legendary player at tennis court and inher daily life, as well as the impacts brought by Li Na to the sports andsociety at different levels.

The director from CCTV-sports, Graduated from ChengduSport University, master of sports news. Have reported for Beijing Olympicgames、winter Olympic games in Vancouver,Guangzhou Asian Games, London Olympic Games and Sochi Winter Olympics, NanjingYouth Olympic Games etc,made so many sportsprograms and documentaries, one of them called<the power of sports> wonthe 23rd Star Awards for TV Documentary Award.