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Yaks on the Tibetan Plateau
Director:Li Wenju, Yuan Yuan
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:48 Minutes

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The yak iscalled the "ark of life" on the Tibetan Plateau. For centuries, theTibetans have relied upon yaks in their daily lives. Transportation aside, theTibetans use yaks for their milk to churn into butter, they burn yak dung as acooking and heating fuel, and they use yak hair for their tents.

In Namtso, oneof the best pastures in Tibet, Tse-dgon prepares the yaks for winter. At thefoot of the Himalayas, Nor-bu gets ready to conquer another mountain with hisfavorite yak.

Their stories reveal the unique relationship between man and the yak.