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Class Seven, Grade Nine of Evergrande Football School
Director:Ma Zhidan, Zheng Yaohao, Zhu Lei
Producer:Satellite Channel, Guangdong Radio and Television
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time:56 Minutes

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2014 is thebusiest year for Team Ul5 of Evergrande Football School.

Members allshare a clear goal of becoming a professional soccer player, which is partlydue to the fact that they have to spend a lot of time playing soccer games hereand there and therefore it’s hard to keep up with their classmates on study.They have no choice.

Aini, captain ofthe team, specializes in the midfield. His dad used to have a soccer dreamlikewise. "There are two soccer dreams, so I have to make 200% efforts."

Dili, a forward,was once forbidden to play soccer by his mom when he failed to do well in studyin grade 6. "I swear to my parents that I will definitely be aprofessional soccer player in the future."

Li Ming, also aforward, scores a lot for Team U15 and has won the Best Shooter Award forseveral times. He dreams of becoming a tier-one player of Evergrande Club andbuying his parents a house.

Soccer is what brings Han and Uygur teens together. This film recordshow these young soccer players chase their dreams.

Ms. Ma Zhidan, with the title of Senior Professional Level One Editor of Literature accredited by the Chinese Academy of Film and Television Arts, is a director and producer of Guangdong Radio and Television.

Over the past 12 years, she has made remarkable achievements by creating two documentary brands, People Far Away from Home and Dream Chaser.  

Since 2004, she has been focusing on the destiny and living conditions of Chinese people and produced about 400 documentaries. Her works feature sincere and delicate emotions rendered by skillful but plain techniques, and are regarded as the spiritual collection of Southern Chinese documentary school.

Up until now, Ms. Ma’s documentaries have won plenty of professional awards including 163 national and provincial ones and 5 international ones.

Her representative works are as follows.

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