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The Verse of Us
Director:Felix Wu, Qin Xiaoyu
Producer:Eternity Co.Ltd
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:99 Minutes

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Poetry is the last secret of an era. We found sixspecial workers through the Internet. Worker from Apple production; forkliftoperator; blaster; garment worker; minority worker and even more, the minerfrom 800 miles beneath…Meanwhile, they are all the excellent poet. They ventureto express themselves fearlessness from the status of silence and whose voicehas always been unheeded, by using the verse to describe work, chant love andrepresent delight and grief, face death straightly. Their poems are theevolutionarily stories continuous staged on their ordinary life, also could bewitnessed as an indispensable part mosaic into this evolutionally bustlinghistory of human being. When you witness those labor poets in the film, youwill see a brand-new astonishing story of this "Made in China" and "ChinaMiracle".

Felix-Chinese Documentary, who served SMG CBN before, directing several full-length documentaries, he won several national awards, for example, Excellent Domestic Documentary Award (SARFT), Best Work of Chinese Television.

Qingxiao Yu-Poet, writer and poetry critic. He was born in 1974 in Hohhot of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in north China. He graduated from the Industry Engineering department of Tianjin University. While in college, Qin Xiaoyu founded a literature magazine and was the Chief Editor of Peiyang People Newspaper and President of Peiyang Literature Society. Co-edited Jade Ladder: Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Monograph on Poetics) with British Poet W.N.Herbert and Chinese Poet Yang Lian. Since 2007, won Anne-Kao Poetry Prize. Now he is the judge of Arts BJ International Poetry Prize.