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The Marriage
Director:Wu Xianglie
Producer:China Guangxi Television
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time:52 Minutes

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A constructionstarts in Yuanbaoshan Mountain. Villager Lao Du is constructing a new house forhis 28-year-old son to get married.

Lao Du teachesXiao Du how to play Lusheng and takes him to attend Pohui to help him to find agirl to get married. Both of the father and son have made great efforts on it,but they fails, because young women here are all longing for the life in thecity and hold different ideas on marriage.

The young womenare leaving the village one after another. Xiao Du leaves the YuanbaoshanMountain, too.

Xiao Du lives awandering life in the city. He has found the right girl, but he hasn’t foundhis position in the city. He decides to go back to the hometown.

Hiding in theremote mountains Yuanbaoshan Mountain is very beautiful. Many urban people are attracting to come here for painting and photography. Xiao Du runs a smallhostel to receive the visitors. Utilizing the favorable conditions of thevillage, he also engages in fish raising, chicken raising and tea processing,and sells the local produces to the city.

Xiao Du, who hasearned some money, begins to keep badgering his beloved girl to come back. Canhe persuade her to quit the job in the city and come back to the village tomarry him?

       Xiao Du finds new opportunities. 

Wu Xianglie, first-grade director, is presently the DeputyDirector and documentary producer of the Documentary  Department of China Guangxi Television.

Mr. Wu Xianglie has been engaging in TV documentaryproduction since 1981. As a director, script writer, cameraman and editor, Mr.Wu is an expert of documentary. He has produced over 100 documentaries and 19of them won state-level awards, 6 of them won international awards and 8 ofthem were nominated in some important international television festivals.