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The Truck and the Paintbrush
Director:Chen Zhuqiang
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:57 Minutes

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Kong Longzhen is a truck driver who comes fromcountryside. Nowadays, he works in Xiamen. Ten years ago, he had experienced ancar accident, and then he came to realize the uncertainty of life, and hedecided to pursue a valuable life; which means that, he has to spend ten yearsto become a professional painter and even an artist without any paintingexperiences. However, hard life brings him big pressure. He has to paint whilemaking lives, which makes him busy and depressed. The year we began to shoothis story is the ninth year of his painting; also the year he came to seize thehope but still has a long way to go. Economic pressure and misunderstandingfrom the family, complaining of the wife, all these makes him feel strugglingand self-contradictory. Therefore he always asks himself: to be or not to be?

   Director,Chen Zhuqiang, who was graduated from Communication University of China and hasworked in CCTV since 1999. He created several dozen documentary films for thepast 16 years. His camera focuses in real life, ordinary people and timeprogress.