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Half the Town
Director:Pavel Siczek
Producer:Leykauf Film
Country / Region:Germany
Particular year:2015
Length of time:86 Minutes

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PhotographerBerman’s legacy of approximately 10,000 portraits on glass negatives remainedundiscovered for decades. Chaim Berman began to portray the people of Kozienice– Poles, Jews, and Germans – who coexisted there in almost complete freedom. Astown councilor, he continued to mediate between the different cultures andreligions. Suddenly, Berman’s supposed friends turned into enemies, whereaspeople he did not hold in high esteem before attempted to rescue him and hisfamily.

       "Half theTown" takes the viewers on a journey through the tides of a turbulentEuropean century and tells the moving story of a man whose beliefs were moreadvanced than the world he lived in.

Pavel Siczek

Born in Warsaw in 1977, he moved to Libya with his parents in1981. Four years later the family emigrated to Switzerland. From 1997 to 2000he studied Art History at the University of Zurich. Then he studied documentaryfilm at the University of Film and TV in Munich.


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