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Honor and Merit - Overseas Chinese in Anti-Japanese War
Director:Chen Hongyan, Zhu Longhuang
Producer:Shenzhen Media Group
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:35 Minutes x 8 Sets

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         Honor and Merit- Overseas Chinese in Anti-Japanese War is an eight-episode documentary thatincludes Attached by Blood, Mobilized for War, Funding the National Salvation,Going to the Frontline, Serving on the Battlefield, Going to Yan'an, Flames ofWar in Southeast Asia, and Victory in the End. The documentary presents apanoramic view of how the eight million overseas Chinese participated inChina's War of Resistance.

       This documentary is presented with a variety of approaches - theoffspring of overseas Chinese who fought in the War trace the footmarks oftheir ancestors and told their stories, War-themed songs are presented withanimated MV, and historical scenes are re-created with virtual effects. As awork commemorating the War, the documentary strives for "popularpresentation, original form, rigorous contents, incisive thinking and profoundenlightenment".

During the War, nearly eightmillion overseas Chinese dedicated their lives to fighting the Japanese enemy.They provided tremendous economic, manpower and intelligent support for thecountry and made crucial contributions to China's final victory in the War.

The shooting crew went to a lot of countries and regionsincluding Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the US, France, Yan'an,Chongqing, Yunnan, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Wuyi, Chaoshan, Taiwan and HongKong. They interviewed a large number of overseas Chinese veterans, theiroffspring and authoritative experts, and visited main museums in China aboutoverseas Chinese in order to faithfully and completely restore the overseasChinese resistance against Japanese aggression.

We hope to display the awakening and unprecedented unity ofthe Chinese nation through the group of overseas Chinese, and to carry forwardthis valuable spirit as we forge ahead on the new journey of the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation.