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Light and Dark: Germany and Japan’s Reflection on World War II
Director:Susan Jiang
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:50 Minutes x 4 Sets

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The unprecedented catastrophe brought by World War IImakes human reflect in the following 70 years: what caused the war, and how toavoid it? This reflection is more important to Germany and Japan, the twoleading countries that started the war. This film describes in detail thecognitive process by those from the governments to the common people in Germanyand Japan, and makes analysis and comparison with a lot of details on thedifferent attitudes and conducts of the two countries, regarding to the wordsof the state, law-making, education, culture, civil activities and etc.

Susan Jiang, director and producer ofdorumentory, once worked for the Phoenix TV of Hong Kong as director, chiefeditor and producer successively. She now serves as chief producer of BeijingMaize Culture Communication Co. Ltd.