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The Story in ER
Director:Guo Na, Wang Xinyi
Producer:Dragon TV、Houghton Street Media
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time: 60 Minutes x 10 Sets

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The Story in ER(10 episodes) is the first large-scale medical documentary reality show inChina.

It is producedwith today’s most advanced fixed rig technology: 78 remote control hot headcameras filming 24 hours a day, offering unprecedented access to the EmergencyRoom of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital.

With zerodisturbances during filming, the programme enables viewers to see the truestories in ER and to face widespread concern of doctor-patient relation &mistrust. It fully illustrates people’s longing for life, love for beloved onesand struggle with fate. With the respect and love to life, the series isshowing a true Chinese society, where life hurts but it is great to have "your"accompany.

The Story in ER was awarded as National Innovation Programme of 2014 byState Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT). It also won theBest Documentary Series of 2015 in the twenty-first session of Shanghai TV Festival.

Director: GUO Na

Series Director of the Story in ER.  Graduated from Paris ESEC Film Institute, andGuanghua School of Management in Peking University, China, Na used to work asthe vice president of Le Vision Pictures, the publicity director of Huayi Bros.and Beijing New Picture Film Co. as well as journalist of Sanlian Lifeweek and New Weekly.


Director: WANG Xinyi

Independent producer of Dragon TV Center in Shanghai MediaGroup,

national secondary director and the vice-chairman of ShanghaiQuyi Artists Association.

He was the series director of the large-scale observationalreality show -the Story in ER. He won the Outstanding Director Award in sixthand eighth Chinese Opera TV Orchid Award and Excellent Producer Award in theeighth Chinese Opera TV Orchid Award.