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Xinjiang is a Wonderful Place
Director:Xu Xiaojuan
Producer:Xinjiang TV Station
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:30 Minutes x 6 Sets

  • A brief introduction to the film
  • Film creation
  • Video
  • Contact mode

The Documentaryfocuses on successful practices that have been made in political, economic,cultural, social and ecological fields, as well as in the Party building workof Xinjiang over the past sixty years since its establishment, especially sincethe Conference of the Central Party Committee on the Work of Xinjiang, in orderto show the capability and spirit of Xinjiang Capability, and a new image ofthe Region.

From the perspective of the general public, the production team chose tocapture scenes of the common people and the grassroots units, for a small eventmay reflect a big theme. In the Documentary, the common people relate theirstories, telling you about changes to their family life and expressing theirgratitude to those who have helped them, etc. You will be impressed by theirtrue feelings and happy smiles, which constitute collective memories andemotions of all the people of Xinjiang in this golden age.