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Through a Mirror
Director:Wu Qi
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2013
Length of time:50 Minutes x 3 Sets

  • A brief introduction to the film
  • Film creation
  • Video
  • Contact mode

In the search offootmarks of Sam Sanzetti who made a living in Shanghai Beach 80 years ago, thepeople in the mirror are recognized and visited, stories about human nature aregradually to be known, and fragments of the modern Shanghainese arepresented…These microcosms piece together the vicissitudes from past till now.

         80 years ago, a bunch of strangers chose the same photo studio to takephotos, therefore in images they met and have been together since then. 80years later, we meet by chance on Weibo as if we were in the same community.Though there are epochs between us, we take advantage of the technologicalenvironment of the Information Era to come across the impediments of time andspace, looking at and talking with in distance our parents and grandparents.Hidden himself from vision, the author of this film invites several friends onWeibo to make a journey of "Through A Mirror". With the Jesus’ photostudio as the origin and the weibo community as the subject to look back intohistory, the documentary externalizes the "collectiveunconsciousness" of a generation on the communicative platform of today’snetwork age. This is about memories, beauty, humanity as well as souls.