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A Biz Date with the World
Director:Zhou Yan
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:50 Minutes x 7 Sets

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The documentary A Biz Date with the World consists ofmore than 30 business stories between China and the world, delving into sixmajor continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America andAntarctica, and covering 12 countries including China, the US, Italy, Japan,India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Qatar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Argentina.Adopting the documentary method, the film takes down the stories of over 120Chinese in different trades. With numerous real and lively details as well asanimated young visionary language, it describes the living condition of theChinese people in Globalization, their understanding of wealth and dreams, andtheir perspectives towards the world. Among the main characters, there arepeople doing "big business", such as the world’s largest woman’sfootwear manufacturers, the world’s largest small commodity market, the world’slargest e-commerce platform, the largest gene sequencing platform, and thelargest and deepest artificial harbor in history, etc. Meanwhile, other peopleget involved in "small business". They are just an ordinary flowergrower, or an old lady in a mountainous area, an inexperienced model or a youngdelivery courier. Different environment they are in though, they all have toface various pressures and challenges. How do Chinese people make money aroundthe world? What are the contradictions and conflicts between the world and thepeople? And, how to cope with using their unique commercial intelligence? In afresh, active and relaxing atmosphere, the film shows from various perspectivesand in all aspects the close relationship between China and the world: they relyon each other while developing together. It unveils the internal logic withinthe fact that China is becoming the world’s largest trading country, providingthe audience with a sociological image of the modern China in a global view.The most notable thing about the film is that it is more than severalinteresting business stories, but explores how the "do business with theworld" changes Chinese people’s lives and values.