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Redesign My Brain 2 人脑大升级2
Director:Jeff Siberry
Producer:Mindful Media
Country / Region:Australia
Particular year:2015
Length of time:58minx 3sets

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In 2013, Todd Sampson put brain training to the test in the groundbreaking series Redesign My Brain. This unique, transformative and interactive experience ended up as one of the most watched Australian science documentary series of all time and won the 2014 Australian AACTA Award for Best Documentary. Todd will now continue this incredible journey in Redesign My Brain Series 2, this time to prove that the brain can be trained to meet the challenges of modern life. It’s an inspirational and unforgettable story that has something in it for everyone. In this 3 x 1-hour science series, Todd is on a personal quest to radically improve his mind. Once again, he will become a scientific guinea pig and use the very latest that brain science has to offer.

In Episode One, Help Me Adapt, Todd will discover how to become more Adaptable. To prove that it is possible, he will be challenged to climb a 120-metre rock-face blindfolded!

In Episode Two, Sharpen My Senses, he sets out to improve his Senses, sight, hearing and touch. To prove that his sensory perception has been enhanced, Todd will compete in a Safe-cracking competition.

In Episode Three, Make Me Brave, Todd will learn how to best Manage Fear. To demonstrate to all of us that it is possible to overcome fear, at the end of the series Todd will walk on a wire across two skyscrapers - a world first for someone new to wire walking.

This series will make you question what is possible and how we can all improve the brains that we were born with.