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The Last Fishermen 边缘世界的捕鱼人
Director:Liu Zinan
Producer:Si Chuan Plus Media Co.,Ltd
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:30min

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At the border of Southern Laos and Cambodia, Mekong River stretches to the width of 14 kilometers, creating countless small islands. These islands are far away from the civilization. The rapids and falls among islands are important fishing places for the local fishers. They throw fishing nets into the waterfall spray, grab the ropes, and walk through the treacherous shoals to catch fish. They fight against the tremendous force of water while depending on it. The local fishermen use this kind of primitive way to obtain Mother Nature’s gifts. Because this fishing method is extremely dangerous, it’s nearly heading for extinction nowadays.

Khone Phapheng waterfall is the largest on in the world by water volume. Abundant water brings numerous fish. But it also makes it more difficult to fish here. The fishers have to risk their lives to catch fish in the treacherous water to support their families.