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Teacher Caidao’s Youth for Charity “菜刀”老师的公益青春
Director:Hu Siqi, Fu Huiping
Producer:Hunan TV Station
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:27min

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He once run away from home as a rebellious child, worked as a wandering singer for a living and challenged himself by traversing Lop Nor on his own. Now he walks into the mountains to find about himself. He is Liu Yin, a charity teacher in the remote countryside. This youth being called Caidao Teacher by kids in the mountains is also a charity worker who plays an active role in raising fund to rebuild the school. Now in the Dalinag Mountain of Sichuan, He is worrying about rebuilding Nilejue Primary School of Meigu County because there is shortage of both fund and labor. Facing difficulties one appearing after another, will he succeed in building the school?