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Hexi Corridor 河西走廊
Director:Eric Zhao
Producer:Beijing Bojing Culture & Media Co. Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time:50minx 10sets

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 Hexi Corridor, as part of east end of the Silk Road, was the most important route from North China to the Central Asia and an important place that has profound influence on Chinese civilization. Today, Hexi Corridor becomes the joint of the Silk Road economic belt connecting China and the world. It is strategically important to China's economy and culture. The film tells the story of Hexi Corridor starting from Han Dynasty. It shows the importance of this path in the history of China and describes the development of Chinese civilization. This helps the audience around the world know better about Hexi Corridor and Chinese culture. The film invites Emmy Award winner Brian McDairmant, an English photographer, as the director of photography of this documentary. It is pleased that the world famous musician, Mr. John Yanni Christopher composes for this film.