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The Factory Story 工厂故事
Director:Zhou Ning, Liu Yusha
Producer:Foshan TV Station
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2015
Length of time:25min

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The story happened in the underwear factory in Southern China. It is also a record of the predicament of the traditional manufacture industry and the mentality of the stakeholders of the industry.

Pan who is a professional manager began to take his future into serious consideration after the hard recruitment process due to his ailment accumulated in the past years; Tan who has been working in the factory for one year is swinging between job-hopping to Foxconn or staying in the factory; Ashan and Qingfu who are still new comers are making the final struggle on the engine reluctantly due to the "boredom" and salary issues respectively.

A lot of changes such as the industrial transformation, rising of the inland China and the growing up of the generation born in the 1990s have the impact on the traditional manufacture industry people beyond anyone’s imagination.

Everyone wants to leave the factory, but no one knows where to go….