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Colors 4 Desires: The Blue 蓝色的四种欲望
Director:Kim Han-seok
Country / Region:Korea
Particular year:2014
Length of time:50min

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Humans have a desire to see beauty. Red, blue, and green are the colors of light. And of them, blue has always been the color of the sky, the gods' domain and the object of idolization. Documentary 'Colors, 4 Desires- THE BLUE' looks back on what the true happiness and salvation are through looking at one of the meanings that the color BLUE has which is the desire for salvation that all human beings long for. A poor laborer in India who works at a dye factory to support his family. A Thai monk who prays at the moment the sky is the bluest. An Afghan miner who makes a living through mining azure stone used in European cathedrals. A blind man who can't see any colors. Through the perspectives of these four people, we reflect on the meaning of the color BLUE. In order to film the colors of nature as they are, UHD(4096*2160) 4K camera which is 4 times clearer than HD(1920*1080) was used in some parts and satisfied the first dimensional desire of the viewers by providing the best colors and clear video.