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Still Here Already There 你不曾离开
Director:Roswitha Ziegler
Producer:Wendländische Filmkooperative
Country / Region:Germany
Particular year:2014
Length of time:100min

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I am showing in a radical personal approach the gradual disappearing of my husband, Jochen Foelster, 69 years old (theatre director and stage actor).

And I accompany him in this, through the three and a half years of his struggle with cancer, in his daily life, and also with the camera.

Someone has a cancer diagnosis. Like thousands of people every year.

How does he deal with it? How do our daughter and I , Rosa Hannah Ziegler, (feature film director) – how are we dealing with it privately, and how are we dealing with it as a director and a camera woman.

What images appear, present themselves, documentary and fictional ones.

Through the change of the seasons, on the stretch of the short path on which Jochen walks from the house.

I am trying to accompany the story, and Jochen’s dreams, to find images with my subjective gaze, not only for his suffering, the constant increase of his fading, the potential end, but also his strength, his patience and calmness, comical and serene moments as well in this story of a fading away, that allows us to take what is heavy a little more lightly.