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Zen 禅境宜春
Director:Tang Sa
Producer:Hunan CHI TANG Culture Communication Co.,Ltd
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2014
Length of time:78min

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     Zen in Yichun is the first film to record Zen culture in China, which aims at mind enlightenment. The shooting process lasts for one year. Film crew visit chambers of famous Zen temples and seek for public cases passed down from history, which have exerted a great influence on people’s daily life. Instead of religious preaching, the film tries to present the quintessence of public cases of Zen in a vivid and innovative way, from cultural perspective. It also reveals the Zen spirit of “simplicity, nature and harmony” by recording modern life. The protagonists in the film involve practitioners, retirees, ordinary people, painter and businessmen. However, in their life, they all fulfill the notion of “respect for nature and kindness to people”. Having meal is Zen. Having tea is also Zen. Zen is omnipresent in their life.