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China to Siberia: Crossing the Lonelist Lake 穿越贝加尔湖
Director:Ivan Xu, Guo Rongfei
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:30

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After cycling across 16 countries on 3 continents and walking across Transcaucasia, Chinese “human-powered” traveler, Xu Jiangjun, and his Russian travel partner Fyodor Lebed, decided to traverse the frozen lake of Baikal in the late winter of 2017, pursuing the biggest goal in his traveling career. During his 23-day journey in the Siberian wilderness, Xu Jiangjun's camera became his closest friend as he recorded the ups and downs of the hardships in front of him. From feelings of excitement to desperation, traversing Baikal would be Xu Jiangjun's greatest achievement to date.

Ivan Xu is a Chinese adventurer and Ultimate Frisbee athlete. He spent two years cycling the world a journey of 14,000 kilometers across 16 countries and 3 continents. More recently, Ivan has walked across Transcaucasia, cross-skated across South Korea, and this past winter he traversed across frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. He has won dozens of tournaments domestically and internationally. 

Rongfei Guo earned an M.A. at New York University in Documentary. Her latest film, Fairy Tales, wins the silver medal of 2016 Student Academy Award, Best Short Documentary Film Award at Melbourne International Film Festival and Best Student Film at DOC NYC. Her first short documentary film What If was selected as a finalist for the 2014 Fusion Doc Challenge and screened at major festivals. She is now the producer and director for Arrow Factory Video under Jiemian.com.

制片/导演 Produced & directed by

徐江军 Ivan Xu

郭容非 Rongfei Guo


监制 Executive Producer

华威Hua Wei

龙雪晴Long Xueqing

钟伟杰Kit Chung


摄像Filmed by

徐江军 Ivan Xu


剪辑Edited by

巫兰若Lara Wu


其余部分摄像Additional Camera

Fyodor Lebed

郭屹 Guo Yi

刘志超Anton Liu

Gregory Ka

莫平Mo Ping

王立坚Wang Li Jian

徐晓莉Ariel Xu

加疯Yuri Melnychuk


制片助理Production Assistant

钟雯馨Wenxin Zhong


后期助理Editing Assistant

黄轲 Jinju Huang

钟雯馨Wenxin Zhong

金江歆Jiangxin Jin


设计Graphic Designs

刘晓彤Xiaotong Liu



William Shoemaker



黄轲Jinju Huang


片名设计Title Design

周南Nan Zhou