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The Kingdom - How Fungi Made the World 真菌王国
Director:Talas Annamaria
Producer:Smith & Nasht Pty Ltd., Real to Reel Productions
Country / Region:Australia|Canada
Particular year:2016
Length of time:52 min*13 sets

  • A brief introduction to the film
  • Film creation
  • Video
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Hidden from sight is the Kingdom of Fungi that ruleslife on land. It's an alien world with the largest and oldest organisms alivetoday. It was fungi that made life possible on a barren planet and it was fungithat brought life back to earth after mass extinctions. And now, as climate change is starting to impact ourplanet, their untapped powers could help us to survive on our increasinglypoisoned, depleted and hotter planet. By looking at fungi in the context ofevolution and natural history, scientists are making discoveries that willchange our lives. This is natural history that matters.

Annamária Tálas is an internationally acclaimed television producer/director.Annamaria has a proven ability to pull together complex strands in science tocreate an original narrative. She has produced/directed award winning scienceseries and one-offs for the world’s leading broadcasters including ABC, ARTE,Asahi TV, BBC, CBC, CH4, CuriosityStream, Discovery International, DiscoveryEurope, Discovery Canada, MTV,  NHK, NRK, RAI, SBS, SVT, The ScienceChannel, WGBH NOVA and ZDF.