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China Wild 家园 生态多样性的中国
Director: Liu Na
Producer:China Intercontinental Communication Center
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:50*5

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China has the most diversity ecosystems in the world, each ecosystem has its own unique ecological order. China Wild will tell the story of people and species in different ecosystems. The programme shows the rich biodiversity in China's five largest ecosystems, and the relationship between human and nature. It presents interesting stories to audiences by diverse species and rare animal behaviors.

Liu Na is the head of Special Programs Department of the Film and TV Division of CICC, second-level Director, and member of China Television Artists Association. As a producer and director, she has won many awards. Her representative production in recent years are China Wild, The Road of AIIB, Adventures on the New Silk Road, Click Xinjiang and so on.

监制:陈陆军 井水清

Production General Supervisor: Chen Lujun Jing Shuiqing

General Producer: Wang Yuanyuan


Producer: Liu Na


Chief Director : Liu Na


Copywriters: Liu Na


科学顾问:乙引  王丁 冉景丞 朱江

刘洋  刘毅 陈松 赵欣如

赵亚辉 张浴阳 张劲硕


Scientific Adviser: Yi Yin  Wang Ding  Ran Jingcheng  Zhu Jiang

                Liu Yang  Liu Yi  Chen Song  Zhao Xinru

                Zhao Yahui  Zhang Yuyang  Zhang Jinshuo

                Yang Jianhui (In the order of the last name)

现场导演组:刘娜  王冠明  陈旭

Director Crew: Liu Na  Wang Guanming  Chen Xu

导演助理:韩思闲 郭莹(实习生)

Director assistant: Han Sixian  Guo Ying(trainee)

摄像组:梁勇 陈旭 雨后青山 崔士明

邹维胜 李普 张延年 封俊杰

蔡琼 田泽兴

Photographers: Liang Yong  Chen Xu  Yuhouqingshan  Cui Shiming

            Zou Weisheng  Li Pu  Zhang Yannian  Feng Junjie

            Cai Qiong  Tian Zexing

摄像助理组:汤万源 问建栋 唐飞飞 李冬

  马玺 蒋航 王兴哲 李春洁

张雯洁  金斯琴

Assistant Photographers: Tang Wanyuan  Wen Jiandong  Tang Feifei  Li Dong

                     Ma Xi  Jiang Hang  Wang Xingzhe  Li Chunjie

                     Zhang Wenjie  Jin Siqin

现场制片: 刘艳丽  鲍永清

Line Producers: Liu Yanli  Bao Yongqing


剪辑:赵楠 魏榕生

Film Editing: Zhao Nan  Wei Rongsheng


Narrator: Wu Jiang


Composer: Jiang Yihui




音乐 :芝麻音乐

Music: Cezame Music Agency