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Handicraft (Season VII) 手艺(第七季)
Director:Jiang Wei
Producer:CCTV Science and Education Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:38*15

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The word “handicraft” represents not only the best part of human civilization, but also the wisdom of our ancestors. For those who are eager to learn more, Exploration and Discovery, a program of CCTV science and technology education channel, presents you with a documentary series called Handicraft. The program had been constantly focusing on both the craftsmanship and the inheritance of Chinese traditional handicrafts.

As the name implies, this series is about the story of Chinese traditional handicrafts that are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.  

Since 2011, the program documented 150 handicrafts, told the stories of 150 different craftsmen in six years.

2017, the 7th season of Handicraft presented the legend of another 15 outstanding handicrafts and craftsmen. 

Jiang Wei, the general director, graduated from the University of Queensland in Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006. Since 2007, he has been working for the famous documentary program Exploring of Science and  Education Channel, China Central Television(CCTV) for 11 years. As an editor and director, he participated in hundreds of episodes of documentaries including The Tea Road, The Glamorous Denmark and Handicraft; as the general director, his work includes The Question of YI, Archaeology in Progress and Handicraft.

         Liu Fan, the producer, graduated from the School of Journalism of Northwest University in 1998. In 2001 he joined the Science and Education Channel of China Central Television(CCTV). As the current vice-producer of the program Exploring and a general director, his work includes The Chinese Riddle Congress and The Image Chronicles of China. Over the years, he has received numerous national awards including the Star Prize and the White Magnolia Prize.  


出品方:中央电视台(China Central Television

出品人:慎海雄 Shen Haixiong

总监制:阚兆江 Kan Zhaojiang

 制:王新建 Wang Xinjian

制片人:刘  Liu Fan

总导演:姜  Jiang Wei

演: 续跃东(Xu Yuedong)、陈娅娜(Chen Yana)、尚翀(Shang Chong)、周旼(Zhou Min)、徐鹏(Xu Peng)等

影:祝璇(Zhu Xuan)、李滨(Li Bin)等