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Lian Da, A Chinese University In War And Revolution 西南联大
Director:Xu Bei, Wu Di, Zhou Hui, Yang Yun
Producer:Chinese Central Newsreel &Documentary Film Group, Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:50*5

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After Sino-Japanese War broke out, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University were successively moved southwards.In 1938, the three universities above collectively established National Southwestern Associated University in Kunming which had been undertaking the mission until 1946 upon the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and then returned northwards respectively.

Although Southwest Associated University stood for only 9 years, her comprehensive influences have taken place beyond the country and become considerate heritages to the world. This 5-episode documentary is to explore the great value of its spirit.

Xu Bei, documentary director and producer from China, whose works have won lots of national prizes and been screened on international festivals. Her main works include Going To Town, Behind the Frontline, The Story of Chen Xiaomei, etc. The 12-episode Behind the Frontline, which focuses on the stories of Sino-Japanese War from a different perspective, won a lot of prizes including Golden Kapok Award in 2015.

Mr. Wu Xu, documentary Photographer. His main works are Behind the Frontline, A Bite of China, , The World of Three Kingdoms, The Story of Silk and Lianda, A Chinese University In War.

总导演              徐  蓓

Chief  Director     Xu Bei


导演组              杨  芸     周  卉    吴  镝

Directing Crew      Yang Yun   Zhou Hui    Wu Di




Chinese Central Newsreel &Documentary Film Group




Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China


总导演              徐  蓓

Chief  Director           Xu Bei


导演组              杨  芸    周  卉    吴  镝

Directing Crew          Yang Yun    Zhou Hui    Wu Di



主摄影              吴  旭

Director of Photography    Wu Xu

  影           王昱然    郭 刚      李  侗      付  鹏

Cameras         Wang Yuran    Guo Gang      Li Tong       Fu Peng

制作总监            郭  刚

Production Director      Guo Gang

剪辑            肖沛松        张帮贵          唐晓露

Editors          Xiao Peisong      Zhang Banggui      Tang Xiaolu

插画创作            曾  途

Illustrator              Zeng Tu

音乐总监            范宗沛

Music Director         Fan Zongpei



  效              胥晓鑫

Special Effects          Xu Xiaoxin

图片处理            吴晓东     刘荣熙

Image Processing       Wu Xiaodong   Liu Rongxi

素材转码           袁铭泽

Transcoding           Yuan Mingze                

包装合成            重庆文汐文化传播有限公司

Packaging and Synthesis   Chongqing Wenxi Culture and Communication Co.Ltd

预告片制作          吴  镝

Trailer                   Wu Di



播音指导            李立宏

Director of Narration       Li  Lihong

  说              李龙滨

Narrator                  Li Longbin

男声旁白            李立宏    龙凌云

Male Voiceover            Li Lihong     Long Lingyun

女声旁白            张丽敏

Female Voiceover        Zhang Limin



  片            林雨佳    扶骁潇      王  琰

Production Managers       Lin Yujia      Fu Xiaoxiao      Wang yan

  料              彭  然    Jeff Howard Krulik(美国)

Material Collection        Peng Ran


                    Zhang Chipeng

  译              王  琼    邹  蜜    彭  然

Translation            Wang Qiong     Zou  Mi      Peng Ran




执行制片人          徐  蓓

Line Producer                Xu Bei

制片人              余立军

Producer                    Yu Lijun

  划              许秋芳

Film Planner                Xu Qiufang

总策划              罗  杰    饶卫

Chief Planner                Luo Jie       Rao Wei

总监制              郭夲敏

Senior Producer            Guo Taomin

出品人              赵  金    金  越

Presenters              Zhao Jin     Jin Yue



 Presented by



Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China



Chinese Central Newsreel &Documentary Film Group