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By the Lalin Riverside 拉林河畔
Director:Shen Shu, Dong Changqing, Yan Zhiyong
Producer:Heilongjiang Broadcasting Station, CCTV9 Documentary
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:50*3

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By the Lalin Riverside - Season I of documentary series Land of Hope, sets four farmers, who have bright personalities, as the leading characters, for the recording of their daily life from spring through fall covering the whole process of farming such as preparing, rice transplanting, maintaining and harvesting, with a view to presenting hardworking farmers’ pursuit of a promising future, showcasing the new looks of rural life in Northeast, and highlighting countryside’s dynamic development since the 18th CPC National Congress.

Shen Shu, director of the Documentary Department of the Heilongjiang Broadcasting Station, has been working in documentary creation and production for decades. Many of his works have won domestic and international awards.


Directors: Shen Shu, Dong Changqing, Yan Zhiyong


Presented by: Heilongjiang Broadcasting Station


Co-presented byCCTV9 Documentary

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Film Crew


Producer: Yang Jing 


Directors: Shen ShuDong ChangqingYan ZhiyongYao DongmeiShen JiangweiLiu ZepingSun YueSong Zewuyang,


Camera operators: Feng Yu, Shi Xu, Guan Xinglei ,Zhou Beibing, Wang Lin, Luo Huaisong 

 影:冯宇 史旭  关兴雷 邹北冰 王琳 罗怀松