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Director:Michele Cinque
Producer:Lazy Film S.R.L.
Country / Region:Italy
Particular year:2017
Length of time:15 min

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Jululu - amusical journey into a corner of Africa in southern Italy covering the vastplantations of tomatoes in the province of Foggia. Badara Seck, a Senegalesegriot, passes through the area like a shaman guide in search of Jululu, thesoul of Africa, towards one of the ghettos where the immigrant labourers throngfor the harvest season. Sagnet, the spokesman who led the labourers’ revoltagainst the gangmaster system in Italy, narrates the film. Through his thoughtsthe social criticism of the ghetto expands to include the whole economic systemdetermining the conditions of a new form of slavery.

Michele Cinque, born 27 March 1984graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, has been working indocumentary production since 2004. In these years he directed severaldocumentaries and television series, including Xlife a 10 episode serieson extreme sports broadcast in Italy, France, Finland, Hong Kong and Macau.