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Iceman 冰封者
Director:Qi Lei, Bai Ping
Producer:China Weather TV
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:35

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Iceman tells a story about some special people living by ice. Every early December, a team of a few thousand people appears on the minus-30-degree Songhuajiang’s riverside in Harbin. They will cut through the thick ice against the heavy wind and snow, and then pull out the huge ice cube which may weigh thousands pounds on their own. In this place, trucks can even be stuck in the water. They are not fishermen, but icemen.

Qi Lei has been doing the works about column and documentary for 10 years, and filmed many documentaries like the Orange Burnt in the Snowthe Soul of TeaMigration and Homesickness, Weathermen in Earthquakesthe Future of Fisherman and White. He has also won many prizes, like the 3rd prize of good environment news of DuPont Cup 2013, the 1st prize of series programs in 2014 and 2015 National Broadcast Channel, and the 3rd prize of the 16th Galaxy Award.

Bai Ping, born in 1983, successively serves as a cinematographer, film-cutter, editor and director. His work Spark won the 11th National Five Top Project Award and the 24th Golden Eagle Award. Heaven won the award of SARFT for China best TV series in 2009. Mao Anying won the 28th Flying Goddess Award, the 12th National Five Top Project Award and the 26th Golden Eagle Award.


Producer:Zhao Fan


Associate Producer:Liang Jimei

  演:齐磊 白平

Director:Qi Lei  Bai Ping

  像:吕国君 杨旸 宋晓甫 孙维

Photographe:Lu Guojun  YangYang  Song Xiaofu  Sun Wei


Aerial Photographe:Bai Ping


Writer:Qi Lei


Advisor:Lin Xiandong


DubbingYao Di


Editor:Qi Lei


Poster Design by:Han Yu


Music:Yan Xun


Executive Producer:Pan Jinjun


All rights reserved:China Weather TV