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The Cleaners 网络清道夫
Director:Hans Block / Moritz Riesewieck
Producer:Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion, GRIFA Filmes
Country / Region:Germany|Brazil
Particular year:2017
Length of time:90 min

  • A brief introduction to the film
  • Film creation
  • Video
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Enter a hidden third world shadow industry of digital cleaning,where the Internet rids itself of what it doesn’t like. Here we meet five “digitalscavengers”, among thousands of people outsourced from Silicon Valley, whosejob is to delete “inappropriate” content of the net. In a parallel struggle, wemeet people around the globe whose lives are dramatically affected by onlinecensorship. A typical “cleaner” must observe and rate thousands of often deeplydisturbing images and videos every day, leading to lasting psychological impacts.

Hans Block is a German theater director, film-maker and musician. Hestudied music (drums) at the University of Arts in Berlin and theater directingat Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. In2014, Block became resident director at Schauspiel Frankfurt. In 2014, he wasinvited to the festival Radikal Jung at the Münchner Volks-theater with his production Austrian Psycho, which was awarded the BestProduction Prize of the festival. 

Moritz Riesewieck is a German essay author,scriptwriter, theater- and film director. He studied theater directing at ErnstBusch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. In 2014 he staged the piece Woyzeck byGeorg Buechner in Mexico City. In 2016 Moritz Riesewieck was granted thestate of Berlin’s Elsa Neumann Scholarship for his innovative theater workswhich were shown at festivals in Berlin and Hamburg and most recently atTheater Dortmund.


Director: HansBlock and Moritz Riesewieck

Producer:Christian Beetz

Supervising Producer: Georg Tschurtschenthaler

ExecutiveProducer: Christopher Clements, Julie Goldman, Philippa Kowarsky

Co-ExecutiveProducers: Carolyn Hepburn, Neil Tabatznik, Robin Smith

Co-Producer: Fernando Dias, Mauricio Dias, Reinhardt Beetz, Andrea Romeo

Director ofPhotography: Axel Schneppat and Max Preiss

Editor: Philipp Gromov, Hansjörg Weißbrich, Markus CM Schmidt

Sound: Karsten Höfer

Music: Paradox Paradise( John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, Lars Voges)

Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner

ProductionManager: Anique Roelfsema

Animation: schnellebuntebilder

Consultants: Sarah T. Roberts, Jillian C. York

PostproductionManager: Xavier Agudo