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The Deminer 拆弹生死线
Director:Hogir Hirori
Producer:Lolav Media
Country / Region:Sweden
Particular year:2017
Length of time:82 min

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With just a pair of wire cutters, deminerFakhir disarms thousands of explosive mines across Mosul (Iraq) - a task thatcould cost him his life but save the lives of thousands.

Hogir Hirori was born 1980 in Duhok, IraqiKurdistan. In 1999, he fled to Sweden and lives since then in Stockholm. Heworks as a freelance photographer, editor and director. He runs his ownproduction company Lolav Media.


Director        Hogir Hirori

Co-director Shinwar Kamal

Production Antonio Russo Merenda for Lolav Media, HogirHirori for Lolav Media

Co-production   Ginestra Film, SK Production

Cinematography         Shinwar Kamal, Firas Bakrmani, ErikVallsten

Editing  Hogir Hirori

SoundDesign      Jens Kihlen

Music     Mohammed Zaki

Screenplay   Hogir Hirori

InvolvedTV Channel         SVT, DR

WorldSales         Dogwoof

Screeningcopy   Swedish Film Institute