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In My Eyes 盲行者
Director:Han Yi
Producer:ARTeFACT Entertainment
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:92

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Intrepid, impetuous and stubborn, blind Chinese masseur Cao Shengkang dreams of travelling the world alone, defying the dangers and difficulties of his blindness to prove to himself and to the world that he can still live a wonderful life.

Golden Horse Award-winning producer Han Yi has been making feature documentary films since 2008 when she graduated from Carleton University, Canada, with a Masters Degree in Journalism. In My Eyes(2018) marks her documentary feature directing debut. In 2008, Han Yi’s first short film Horseback Pharmacy won the Canadian Rogers TV News Award, and since then she has participated in planning and producing dozens of Chinese and foreign documentary films. Han Yi’s most recent works include Better Angels(2018) which examined the uncertain future of the Sino-US relationship, and Class Four, Grade Three(2018) which commemorated the tenth anniversary of the tragic Szechuan earthquake and its effect on the sole surviving class at the devastated Beichuan Middle School. Heart of a Tiger was awarded Best Documentary Film of 2017 by the Chinese Television Association.

In 2014, she founded ARTeFACT Entertainment in Shanghai dedicated to the production and distribution of Chinese-themed narrative and documentary films for the international marketplace.

导演 Director

韩轶 Han Yi

制片人    Producers

韩轶 Han Yi

柯文思 Malcolm Clarke

摄影 Cinematographers

孙少光 Sun Shaoguang

韩轶 Han Yi

剪辑 Editor

凤兮 Feng Xi

作曲 Composer

Luc St. Pierre Luc St. Pierre

录音 Sound Recordists

范立明 Fan Liming

欧阳耀坤 Ouyang Yaokun

制片主任 Associate Producers

时雨 Shi Yu

缪曈 Miao Tong

雒宝森 Luo Baosen

牛小雨 Niu Xiaoyu

摄影师 Additional Cinematography

范立欣 Fan Lixin

韦律 Wei Lv

Kieran Crilly Kieran Crilly

李继松 Li Jisong

刘爱国 Liu Aiguo

刘思言 Liu Siyan

刘小雷 Liu Xiaolei

宋春来 Song Chunlai

航拍 Drone Operator

王侃 Wang Kan

视效 Visual Effects

Nick Fodor Nick Fodor

君臣文化传媒(北京)有限公司   JunChen Media

现场制片 Production Coordinators

(泰国)Noi Satirat Damampai Noi Satirat Damampai (Thailand)

(印度) Subhash Sharma Subhash Sharma (India)

(美国) 刘思言 Liu Siyan (USA)

助理剪辑 Assistant Editors

庄茜 Zhuang Qian

时雨 Shi Yu

小提琴 Violins

Luc Beauchemin Luc Beauchemin

Guylaine Grégoire Guylaine Grégoire

Jessy Dubé Jessy Dubé

Marie-Aude Turcotte Marie-Aude Turcotte

Bruno Chabot Bruno Chabot

Marie-Pascale Gobeil Marie-Pascale Gobeil

中音萨克斯 Alto

Frank Perron Frank Perron

大提琴 Cello

Isabelle Harvey Isabelle Harvey

低音提琴 Double-bass

Annie Vanasse Annie Vanasse

录音师 Recording Engineer

André Tremblay André Tremblay

录音棚  léglise de Notre-Dame de Latterière

Recorded at léglise de Notre-Dame de Latterière

声音剪辑 Sound Editor

曹伊 Cao Yi

拟音师 Foley Artists

魏俊华 Wei Junhua

高士义 Gao Shiyi

拟音录音师 Foley Recordist

宋宁宁 Song Ningning

音频制作 Foley Editors

张洪群 Zhang Hongqun

李强 Li Qiang

音效 Sound Effects Editor

 王晓明 Wang Xiaoming

混音 Re-recording Mixer

沈汉村 Shen Hancun

混音(杜比) Re-recording Mixer (Dolby)

James Duhamel James Duhamel

调色 Digital Colorist

 刘欢 Liu Huan

图片摄影  Stills Photographer

陆春桥 Vicky Lu

翻译 Translators

Noi Satira Damampai Noi Satira Damampai

Subhash Sharma Subhash Sharma

王多 Wang Duo

Shashvat Joshi Shashvat Joshi

扒词 Transcriptions

黄凤琼 Huang Fengqiong