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Weaving 纺织城
Director:Wang Yang
Producer:Rising Production, CNEX Foundation Beijing Office
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:95

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In 2016, the last textile weaving factory from the communist era in North-West China was demolished. Weaving follows two textile work er families during the five year demolition process as they struggle to adapt to outside change while trying to keep their families intact. Where old and new social values collide, their story allows us to take a closer look inside China's changing family dynamic in an increasingly materialistic and complex society.

Wang Yang, a director, producer and scriptwriter, has been engaged in creating documentary films for years. His work China Gate (2011) has entered Lepzig International Documentary Festival, Croatia Zagreb International Film Festival main competition (2011), South Korea DMZ Docs Film Festival International Competition (2012), and was nominated as the Best Documentary in Frist. Weaving was shortlisted in Toronto International Documentary Festival(2017) and HOTDOCS(2017). With the film, Wang Yang won the 2018-Best Director in Moscow International Documentary Film Festival. Besides, Wang Yang is an acclaimed film critic in China, who has been writing for journals for years to promote film culture.

导演: 王杨 Wang Yang

制片商: 昂左影视制作(上海)有限公司 RISING PRODUCTION

联合制片商:北京视纳华仁印象影视制作有限公司  CNEX


导演 王杨

Directed by Wang Yang

制片人 黄嘉清

Produced by Chris Huang

出品人 王杨

Executive Producer  Wang Yang

联合制片人 蔣顯斌

Co-Producer  Ben Tsiang

故事编辑 贺群社

Story Editor   He Qunshe

摄影 薛明

Cinematography  Xue Ming

录音 赵思泉

Sound Recordist   Zhao Siquan

剪辑 黄嘉清

Editor  Chris Huang

调色 大卫-希梅内斯

Color Grading   David Jimenez

音乐 大卫-布莱德

Music by David Braid

声音设计 李丹枫

Sound Designer   Li Danfeng

顾问 陈玲珍 赵琦 今村研一


Ruby Chen   Zhao Qi    Ken-ichi Imamura